About PI

Our main aims for the PI initiative and how we plan to achieve them
Power & Integrity is incubated within    

Our main aims for the PI initiative and how we plan to achieve them
Power & Integrity is incubated within    

Our purpose

Enabling organisations to embody integrity

We exist to enable holistic, effective, and evolving integrity practice. By nurturing co-creation and shared learning of power sensitive organisational integrity practices, we will cultivate just ways of working that evolve with changing conditions and new knowledge.

We aim to create an enabling environment, initially for the nonprofit sector, in which organisations can strengthen their integrity practice and, ultimately, their impact.

Hands and heart

“We at NCVO are excited by Power & Integrity’s proposal to develop a practical, sector wide, approaches to addressing this issue. We look forward to supporting the work.”

Sarah Vibert

Interim CEO, National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)

How we work

Our three key approaches

Our work incorporates three distinct, but interdependent ways of working on power and integrity with nonprofits and sector-level organisations.


We are exploring how organisations can embody integrity. We mean this in both senses of the word: honest, responsible, accountable, and principled; and whole and unbroken.

Organisational integrity requires a holistic and strategic mindset, combined with effective integrity practice at individual, organisational and sector levels.

Using a whole-system approach, we will support organisations to integrate integrity practice that strengthens oversight, strategy, risk management and operations. This will help them be more proactive, more efficient, and much less likely to cause harm.


Adapting well-established work by nonprofits on power and inequality, we are exploring how societal power structures underpin negative organisational culture and behaviours, such as saviourism, sexism, racism, bullying, and corruption.

Power analysis identifies the intersecting root causes for multiple aspects of integrity, essentially providing the lens for the whole-system approach to organisational integrity.

A power-sensitive approach also provides valuable insights into how best to address negative power manifestations and – importantly – how to nurture positive power.


Integrating power-sensitive integrity practice requires continuous learning and diverse perspectives to shape a shared understanding.  By learning collectively and reducing duplication, we can establish a much stronger foundation for organisations to strengthen their integrity practice and, ultimately, their impact.

So we will help build an enabling environment with the nonprofit sector to work not just collectively on power and integrity, but in synergy.

We will also work to increase coherence between donor requirements around integrity and contribute to wider sector-level work on legitimacy, decolonisation and power.

Get involved

Help us shape Power & Integrity

During our new discovery phase, it’s essential we join with others in the nonprofit sector to make sure this important work has the best possible start.

We’re looking for:

  • sector-level organisations, to explore ways of developing sector-wide coherence and synergy
  • UK-based nonprofits seeking to take part in our Power Lab
  • Funding partnerships to support this much-needed,  groundbreaking work.
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