Understanding power for organisational integrity

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Our purpose

We help purpose-led organisations achieve greater impact towards a more just society by putting integrity at the heart of everything they do. Our work is dedicated to supporting them and the wider sector to avoid deepening the very injustices it seeks to address.

We support organisations to recognise the full impact of their work, including their aims and the means they use to reach them, breaking down silos and centring just and equitable practices.

As a non-profit organisation, we are committed to raising awareness and sharing our knowledge as it evolves so we can strengthen the movement within the sector and help bring wider meaningful change for a more just society.

We are committed to contributing to a sector where organisations will holistically address their overall impact to bring greater integrity to their work and achieve genuine change for a more just society.

The challenge

Even with the best intentions, purpose-led organisations can cause harm, perpetuating the very injustices they aim to address. This is because impact is primarily measured by what is achieved, with minimal attention to the means for delivering it.

What’s more, organisations tend to take a siloed approach to safeguarding, anti-racism and ethical investments, among other integrity areas. This fragmented approach is replicated on boards where a systemic understanding is needed for a more holistic, meaningful and effective approach.

At the same time, donors, regulators and others within the sector exacerbate the challenge, also using narrow impact measurements and often crowding out the opportunity to step back, identify and respond to the shared root causes of harm.

This shows how entrenched the challenge is – and how widely the risk of harm is misunderstood.

Our holistic approach enables organisations to understand how power can undermine or enable their integrity.

Our offer

Our approach offers practical, informed support to organisations, while at the same time fostering wider movement building for a more just and equitable sector.

Professional Services

We work with organisations to develop a holistic understanding of how power dynamics influence their governance, operations and overall impact, while raising awareness across the sector.

We recommend our workshops as a first step for trusts, foundations and non-profit organisations to understand their practices and impact – and identify practical steps moving forward.

This is achieved by applying power analysis tools that we have adapted following research undertaken with organisations in the sector. We also offer bespoke services, including strategic consultancy, training and coaching and we recommend other experts in the sector for specialist areas.

We find that board engagement is vital to ensure the organisation’s formal power enables rather than undermines organisational integrity.

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“We collaborated with Power & Integrity to develop our organisational anti-oppression framework. We are really grateful for their thoughtful and inclusive guidance throughout this process, as well as their extensive expertise.”

Katie Husselby
Director, Action for Global Health

“Power & Integrity’s specialist expertise has been evident throughout the project. It has enabled our trustees and staff to bravely engage honestly as collective groups, with a view of progressing our important work as part of our local community and the community of responsible UK Grant-makers.”

Marcia Asare
CEO, Walcot Foundation

We found Alex and Bhav’s use of the power frameworks gave us a practical way of centring our commitment to intersectional anti-racism within our approach to governance.

Raji Hunjan
CEO, The Tudor Trust

Movement Building

We know that the wider challenges within the sector make this important work harder for organisations. Recognising this, we support movement building and collaboration within the sector to raise awareness and create space for change.

We participate in roundtables, talks and webinars. As an open-source, non-profit organisation, we also provide open access to our learning and evolving toolkit. See insights below for more information.

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“We at NCVO are excited by Power & Integrity’s proposal to develop practical, sector wide, approaches to addressing this issue. We look forward to supporting the work.”

Sarah Vibert

CEO, National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)

Together we can:

  • Measure organisational impact by both its aims and means.
  • Break down silos for an organisation-wide approach to reduce risk of harm.
  • Embed equity, diversity and inclusion as integral to understanding impact and risk of harm.
  • Improve internal impact and work culture.
  • Strengthen representation for communities served in decision-making.
  • Prepare board and senior teams for emerging integrity issues and bolster their confidence to support innovative approaches.
  • Build a movement for integrity across the sector to bring real change for a more just world

Insights and Learning

As part of our commitment to strengthen a movement within the sector, we are sharing insights and learning as they evolve.

To identify the best approach for us to improve the understanding of power and to bring integrity to organisations and the sector, we hosted a series of Power Labs These were carried out with five UK-based organisations: UNICEF UK, PoHwer, CBMThe Bridge and NHS Confederation.

Learning tools and shared insights are available as a resource for all.

Find out more about the Power Lab.

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